How you can help

THANK YOU for your incredible support and for working together to work a miracle! Moreover, in such a short time.
Giving Zolgensm gene therapy Maxík's struggle does not end. Everyday rehabilitation, intensive rehabilitation programs, swimming, spa and hiporehabilitation stays are necessary to achieve the best quality of life and the best results. A lot of compensatory aids are also needed. Health insurance companies pay some aids, but some do not. It is also with rehabilitation.
We also thank you for your support and for helping us to give Maxík the best possible care.

Transparent account

You can support Maxik by sending any amount to the below accounts or via PayPal. Click the link to go to our account statement.

The accounts are kept with: Fio banka, a.s., Milennium Plaza, V celnici 10, 117 21, Praha 1

Transparent account in CZK: 

2801772333 / 2010

IBAN: CZ6520100000002801772333


Check account status here

Transparent account in EUR:

2401772334 / 2010

IBAN: CZ5620100000002401772334


Check account status here

Transparent account in USD:

2701772336 / 2010

IBAN: CZ3720100000002701772336


Check your account status here

The fee for incoming payment to the bank is $ 5.


Fundraise via PayPal: -collection for rehabilitation and aids -The Zolgensma collection from PayPal has ended and transferred to the account 15.4.2020

Share the story of Maxík among your friends, family and people you know ...

By sharing Maxík's story, the information reaches a larger number of people, increasing the chance that we will be able to fundraise the necessary amount and provide treatment for Maxík.

So how to do it?

  • Like Maxik's page or posts on Facebook and Instagram (see top right of this page)

  • Share Maxik's posts or page with a message why you share it

  • Invite your friends to become fans of Maxík's page (you can invite more friends at once in the Community panel on the right side of Maxík's Facebook)

The fundraise is organized by:

S Maxíkem v boji proti SMA z.s.

IČO: 08932841

registered office: Stádlo 368/27, Ostrava-Krásné Pole, 72526, Czech Republic

File number: L 19083 kept by the Regional Court in Ostrava

Fundraise permit: Ref. MSK 30447/2020-approved from 1.3.2020

The fundraise is run mainly for Maxík and his needs. In the case of withdrawing a large amount, which would not cover the cost of the medicine, or in the case of other complications, part of the money would be used for rehabilitation and equipment that Maxík will need for his life. Another part of the money would be distributed among children suffering from the same disease. 

All gifts to the fundraise are a tax-deductible item. Upon request, we will issue a receipt for the tax deduction. Please download the document, fill in only the red marked text (we will fill in the date of receipt of the payment), leave it in Word format and send it to us at for confirmation.

potvrzeni-o-daru-vzor.docx docx, 24 KB